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The easiest way to build 24/7 live streams of your pre-recorded videos.

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What can you build?

Create a 24/7 live stream of your pre-recorded videos on YouTube & Twitch

Get an instant 24/7 live stream server!

24/7 radio


Radio Stream is an Image, Video or a GIF running in the background while songs are being played

24/7 video


Video Loop is a playlist of your pre-recorded videos that get streamed one after another.

Create a 24/7 livestream, without the hassle

24/7 live channel health monitoring

Active Stream Health Monitoring

No more downtime! Our servers continuously monitor your live stream's health to make sure it's always running 24/7

24/7 live streaming to multiple channels

Increase your exposure with Multistreaming!

Multistreaming allows you to stream the same content up to 3 platforms at the same time with no extra cost. This allows you to reach a wider audience and grow your following faster!

24/7 live streaming scheduling

Schedule Your Prerecorded Videos To Go Live

Schedule your prerecorded videos to go live or to end at a specific time. This allows you to create a 24/7 live stream without having to be there!

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Be a part of the successful community that
grows with streaming 24/7

24/7 live streaming pre-recorded videos community
24/7 live streaming growing audience

Stand out among the creators community!

The 24/7 streaming community is growing fast, don't miss on being a part of it!

24/7 pre-recorded live streaming custom layout

Customizable Stream Builderr

Select custom background, add overlays, placeholders, and logos to convey your personal brand to your viewers!

24/7 live streaming pre-recorded videos community
24/7 live streaming to multiple channels

Stream on multiple platforms

Stream on multiple platforms simultaneously, including Twitch, YouTube and more.

live stream pre-recorded videos to rtmp

Custom RTMP Supported

You can stream to custom RTMP servers, the world is the limit!

Everything you need to grow your audience!

feature-icon Choose what to stream

Choose if you want to live stream pre-recorded videos or creating a custom live stream with a background and audios

feature-icon Organize your files

Organize your files in folders to easily manage your content. You can also upload files directly from your computer.

feature-icon In-stream Scheduled Shows

Aside from you primary 24/7 live stream playlist, you can schedule shows to play at specific times to keep your audience engaged.

feature-icon Schedule your stream ahead of time

Want to start your live stream at specific time? Schedule your live stream ahead of time and we will start it for you.


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    Stream directly to YouTube, Twitch and others

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    Multistream up to 3 platforms with the same subscription

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    High quality live stream (Video: 1080p@30fps, Audio: 320kbps)

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    Schedule your live stream events

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    99.95% uptime guarantee

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    65GB of storage


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About 24/7 Live Streaming

  • How to live stream on YouTube 24/7?arrowarrow

    To live stream your pre-recorded videos on YouTube, you need to follow these key steps:

    1. Create a YouTube Channel
    2. Add your Stream Key to your Streaming Bots Account (you can get your stream key from here)
    3. Upload you videos and customize your live stream with overlays
    4. Start your 24/7 live stream
  • Do I have to keep my computer running for my live stream?arrowarrow
    No, you can close your computer and your live stream will continue to run.
  • Can I run multiple live streams?arrowarrow
    Yes! You can add as many subscriptions as you want! Each for only $29.99!
  • What is multistreaming?arrowarrow
    Multistreaming is the ability to stream the same content to multiple platforms simultaneously. For example, you can stream to YouTube and Twitch at the same time with only 1 subscription!
  • Can I stream to multiple platforms?arrowarrow
    Yes! You can stream the same content to up to 3 platforms with the same subscription!
  • What is a Stream Key?arrowarrow
    A stream key is the bridge between a streaming software and your live stream.
    It's the way your streaming software knows where to send your live stream.

About Streaming Bots

  • Can I update my content after I start my live stream without interrupting it?arrowarrow
    Yes! You can update your content at any time without interrupting your live stream!
  • What is the difference between Streaming Bots and getting my own streaming software like OBS?arrowarrow
    OBS is a great tool for live streaming, but it requires you to have your computer running and it requires you to have a good internet connection.
    With Streaming Bots, you can close your computer and your live stream will continue to run.
    Streaming Bots also monitors your live stream and automatically resolves any problem with your live stream, so you can rest assured that your live stream will always stay up and running!
  • What is "Active Stream Health Monitoring"?arrowarrow
    It's a dedicated system in place that continuously monitors your live stream.
    If we detect any problem with your live stream it will be automatically resolved without you having to keep an eye on it.
    Once you start your live stream, you can rest assured that it will always stay up and running!
  • Can I schedule my live stream?arrowarrow
    Yes! You get many scheduling options!
    You can choose if the live stream should loop indefinitely, choose when the live stream starts and when it ends (or to keep on looping indefinitely 24/7)
  • Will my videos loop indefinitely?arrowarrow
    Yes! Your video will loop indefinitely until you stop your live stream or you schedule it to end at a specific time.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?arrowarrow
    You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account settings.
  • I have more questions, how can I contact you?arrowarrow
    You can contact us atinfo@streamingbots.comor using our chat.


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